Trade Paperback collects one-shot issues 1-3
Publisher: Image
Written by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton
Art by Mark Englert and Nate Bellegarde

When I”m looking to pick up a book of which I”m not familiar with either the content or the creators, I have a tendency to go by the cover. However in this case the cover was the reason I protracted my sale. The cover simply puts me off. Eventually though, there were two reasons which made me buy it. The first was the title; no matter from what angle you look at it the prospect of Jesus kicking vampire butt has got to be intriguing. Secondly, as far as creator based projects go, image rarely disappoints.

The authors here imagine a post apocalyptic America in which only one city remains, the aptly titled Vatican City. As implied by the name the last surviving city is run by the Church. Outside the confines of the city is infested by blood sucking vampires, and a small cluster of people who are trying to survive attacks from both the Church and the vampires. To protect its citizens the Church has its own army lead by none other than the second coming of Jesus himself. When a vampire informs Jesus of his true origins, Jesus sets out on a quest to make things right.

If you”re expecting anything controversial here you”re going to be disappointed. I”m pretty sure that there are people out there who will want this booked banned for simply having the kind of title that it has, but apart zealous clusters this book should offend no one. If anything, this book portrays Jesus as a true hero and criticizes the politics of the Church and other organizations that despite the arguable fact that they might be well meaning they use God for ulterior motives.

What you get here is a pretty solid story. An intriguing adventure peppered with humour, romance and violence. This book does exactly what it sets out to do; entertain. What it perhaps lacks is a wow factor. This however does not make the title any less likable or enjoyable. Its heart is certainly in the right place, and the story does contain some nice touches. Without giving anything away let me just mention that the first vampire here is a monkey.

Supporting the story is the art, which overall is pretty attractive. I personally have some reservations about the way Jesus is drawn, but some of the vampires more than make up for this. The artwork which includes bright colouring adds more spice to the story and makes the book a more enjoyable reading.

All in all, my only complaint about this book is that the story finishes too quickly, but when a title leaves you wanting more it only means that it was pretty good. If you”re looking for something lightweight yet rather enjoyable you can”t go wrong with this one.

Yours comically
Chris Le Galle

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