Marrowbones: Issue 1
Digital Comic Book – Issue 1
Full Colour
Publisher: Springwinder
Created by Eric Orchard.

I felt an instant attachment to this project, which mainly stemmed from my attraction to Eric Orchard”s promotional artwork with regards to the title in question. It”s like Marrowbones was calling me. There is something that is simply mesmerising about this all ages creepy comic book. Marrowbones is a superbly crafted world full of interesting creatures which are as creepy as they are cute.

Eric Orchard draws from a number of evident influences but these are all projected in a very unique way. In fact with this book Eric achieves what many creators attempt to do but fail. He did something completely different which somehow appears effortlessly normal. You”ll find nothing in this comic book which one considers standard in comics; the panels are differently laid, the speech bubbles are differently shaped and even the lettering is done differently. Yet it also seems comfortably familiar.

Throughout the whole book the creator treads on a fine line between opposites. Just like the characters, which are spooky but cute, the whole feel and look of the book is dark yet assuringly beautiful. The story is simple yet still complex enough to demand attention. The clever use of paradoxes plays well for the comic and the enchantment of Marrowbones oozes out to the reader.

Issue 1 introduces the reader to the protagonist which is a child called Nora whose ability to see creatures which the majority of the population don”t, make her an outsider. Dumped by her parents in a prison like school Nora longs to fit it. The first part of issue one tells the story of Nora”s escape from this “school” through the seductive narration of Marrowbones” skeletal librarian. The second part deals with Nora”s first adventure as a hand in her uncle Barnaby”s Ravensbeard Inn. This serves to introduce the reader to a delightful cast of creatures which inhabit both the swamp and the inn.

Prior to reading this book, I must admit that I had some reservations, mainly because it was my first time reading a digital comic. But all reservations were expelled as soon as I started reading and was sucked in the lavish world of Marrowbones. I”m pretty sure you”ll get hooked too if you decide to give this excellent comic a chance.

As the debate rages on with regards to the merits of creators self-publishing their stories, Eric Orchard”s Marrowbones makes a strong case as to why we fans should support them.

Issue 1 of the fantastically illustrated Marrowbones is 47 pages long, full colour and available for downloading for only $2 (US). The character”s gallery included in the first issue is worth the cover price on its own, so this one comes heavily recommended.

To get your very own copy of this exciting first issue of Marrowbones and for more information on all things Orchard kindly visit:

I”m off for a beer at Ravensbeard Inn, and you are cordially invited to join me.

Yours comically
Chris Le Galle.

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