Monsters Among Us #1

Review by Ryan Scicluna


Writer: Andrew Shayde

Artist: Magic Eye Studios

Release Date: May 25, 2016

Genre: Action/Adventure

Tidalwave Productions

Storm/Bluewater Publishing:


Bigfoot, mothman, chupacabra, the witch and the lizard. What an ensemble of characters. These creatures find themselves running together after an escape from a prison dedicated to hold monsters like them. This first issue is mostly focused on bigfoot, who just wants to live a happy life with his family but when suddenly he wakes up in the prison, he uses all his strength to escape. In the confusion the other creatures manage to free themselves as well. So they all band together to escape their captors.

This first issue sets up the premise of an intriguing group of character having to work together for their survival. We are also introduced to their captor, Solomon Kane. Kane believes that his goal, like his ancestors is to rid the world of monsters. The issues serves as a good introduction, however, it did feel too fast paced. We get a little bit of an introduction from all the creatures but that’s it. I am sure that in future issues we will explore each character in more details. In particular, this first issue sets up the motivation of Bigfoot and why instead of simply running away from Solon Kane, these creatures will start to fight him.

It is interesting how the story creates doubt about who is good and who is bad in the story. Without other information and motivation, we are accustomed to perceive the creatures as monsters and thus evil. However in this comic, the creatures have been taken away from their family and imprison for no other reason that man perceives them as monsters. I can see the relevancy of such topics reflect with societies more sensitive issues such as racism, homophobia, etc…  I am curious as to how such themes will further develop in this comic book.

The art style complements the story and it’s fast pace. The creatures are all give a unique look and look quite appropriate and proportionate next to each other. Having contrasts such as bigfoot being the tallest compared to the chupacabra, which looks like a small dog compared to the rest, or the dark colors of the mothman contrasting the light palette of the witch.

I enjoyed this first issue of Monsters Among Us and I do hope they delve deeper into the background of each character as the series progresses. It is a fun read with some action and lingering questions for future issues.

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