What is the hype surrounding this series? The art by Joe Eisma is simple but effective. The Covers by Rodin Esquejo are quite cool and eye catching. This leads to the new coming writer, Nick Spencer that has become quite popular in recent months. This collection is of the 1st 6 issues of the series. The story is still shrouded in mystery as we still do not have any idea on the writer”s direction or the action of the characters involved. Despite this, it is still entertaining and gripping. Students with the same birth date are put in a school/college where they have to face deceit, torture, ghosts and other unexplained happenings. In the series there is also an amount of flashbacks that sometimes leave us guessing the time period. The real mystery is how Nick has succeeded in captivating another fan to his writing and still leaving us in the dark? This makes me eager to view his coming issues on the Secret Avengers.


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