I have read Nemesis, another Mark Millar violent ride and survived! When I leafed through the comics I thought this was going to be a quick read as I saw various sizes of action panels with few speech balloons. When I started reading I was not expecting that each turn of the page was so breath taking and shocking. The panels are drawn in detail by Mark Millar”s third time collaboration with artist Steve McNiven. The story starts unfolding as we find a white clad villain who is a rich spoilt orphan (a twist on Batman”s story). Obsessed by his blind vengeance on the police officer that was the cause for his parent”s death he leaves a path of total mayhem. The story develops further more but I should not divulge more as I might spoil the surprises… If you are an adult, go on and read it, what more do you need to know since it is written by Mark Millar.


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