Format: Running Series (Available both in print and digital format) – Issue 1.
Full Colour
Publisher: Frozen Light Comics
Created by Andre St-Amour

A digital copy of Northern Adventure Quarterly (NAQ) was kindly sent to us here at Wicked Comics for reviewing purposes buy its creator and publisher Andre St-Amour.

I don’t know where to start with this comic, I seriously enjoyed it so much and I cannot wait for issue #2! So I guess I’ll start by saying that it was truly an amazing read. It’s very pleasing to the eye with the stylish illustration and characters that are very inviting and fun that keep you laughing throughout.

In this debut issue there are three stories focusing on the adventures of The Guard, Miss M and Zodiac, three unique superheroes each with their own tale to tell. In the first story you have The Guard who is a very funny, witty character that has no clue why his enemy, who he calls Lug Nuts, is attacking him. Lug nuts is like a parrot in the sense that he repeats himself constantly, its monotonous but in a very humorous way.

In the second story we have Miss M who is a feisty little superhero with an attitude and she won’t let anybody get in the way of her saving the planet and the creatures it inhabits. And then last but not least we have Zodiac who was my personal favorite because he possesses the power of each zodiac sign and all of their elements which is really bad-ass! He kind of reminded me of the Ben 10 cartoon the way he could call on a power and then poof! He is whatever sign he chooses to call on.

When reading NAQ I got the same vibe derived from Stan Lee’s work in the golden age of comics. It has the same innocence, corny superhero and villain theme where the good guys always come out looking amazing even if they don’t really do much! In this day and age it is somewhat refreshing to see some creators incorporate old school elements and creating fun all ages comics.

I found the artwork and plush colouring very appealing and again reminiscent of “old- style-comic-book”. I can also see a bit of Bruce Timm’s batman the animated series in the art which is awesome!

During my time reading the comic I could picture a parent reading this to their child to introduce them to comic books, it’s the type of story that both adults and kids can enjoy in equal measures.

To think that Andre St-Amour wrote, illustrated, edited and published this himself is astounding! Especially when one factors in the high quality delivered. He was born to make comic books and really knows how to lure in the reader with his magnetic writing style that keeps you wanting more.

Those with a penchant for superheroes and Saturday Morning Cartoon will definitely get a kick out of this book. And if you have never read a comic, this is a great way to start!

I give this issue a 5/5.

Review by Charlene Bennett

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