Where to start? This is a good movie. No, scratch that. This is one of the best movies this summer. Not enough! This has to be one of those few genre defining movies that get everything right.

Yes, it is that good. I am not a particular fan of giant monster movies and I am not a big fan of giant robot movies either. I mean, I liked Neo Genesis Evangelion, but, I watched it once and that is it. However, I was mind blown by Pacific Rim. The scope of it all was huge, and Guillermo Del Toro managed to pull it off brilliantly. A movie like this could go wrong in so many ways but here we see the finished product of many hours of hard work and dedication which the audience can appreciate.

Let us start with what matters! The plot is fairly simple. It feels like the classic alien invasion but this time from another dimension, and instead of spaceships, we have giant alien beasts destroying coastal cities. The simplicity in the plot however puts the characters in the front line and we see most characters growing in the movie and reaching their closure. We, as an audience get invested with the characters because they are so relatable. The fact that all the nations in the world united together against a common enemy and we do not have a single country saving the days gives the movie a breath of fresh air. Finally we have a movie that when faced with an enormous threat, the people of the world come together to fight back. The movie tries to spread a message of positivity and resolution which infects the viewers instantly. The characters fight through their differences, and, in the end, save the day.

Visually, it is a stunning movie. The designs of both the Kaiju and Jaegers are stunning. During the movie you can see the different parts of the Jaegers work, move or function accordingly, wich gives the movie depth. Even the Kaiju have their own pulsating features, which, when combined with 3D viewing, makes for stunning visuals. All the Jaegers have their own style and personality. The only complaint I can think of is that I personally wanted to see more from the Russian and the Chinese Jaeger. In the movie their battle was a bit chaotic and it only lasted for a few minutes. I would also like to know more background of the other pilots because in the movie we focus on where they are and not on how they got there. This would be a good idea for a prequel.

The movie has a solid structure and makes the best of all the scenes. It depicts a realistic human approach to the primitive fears of man. The only stupid idea, in my opinion, is when the politicians decide that a better option than the Jaegers would be to build costal walls. However, if you think about it in real life, when the world would be desperate for the need to feel safe, I think the politicians would in fact opt to build walls around the coasts in the context of the movie. There are scenes where the movie takes you totally by surprise and really makes you wonder how it is going to end. What makes the movie so great is that it shows the desperate moments in mankind when faced with a threat greater than himself, How would we all react? How would we defend ourselves? How far would we all go to save mankind? There are other movies that tackle such questions, but, I feel that this movie makes a better job because it distinguishes itself from the others by merging both Eastern and Western styles of narrative.

If you are not a big fan of giant robots or monsters battling out in cities, give this movie a try. I can assure you that if you look past that and focus on the characters and the human elements of the movie, you will be touched. Go watch this movie with an open mind and you will not be disappointed.

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