Penny Dreadful: The Awakening | Review

Penny Dreadful – The Ongoing Series
Volume 1: The Awakening
Regular SC ISBN: 9781785855276
Published by Titan Comics
Chris King, Jesus Hervas, Jason Wordie, Rob Steen
I have heard good things about the Penny Dreadful TV Series. Even though I never watched the TV episodes (never found the time to be honest, so many good series to watch lately), this comic got me hooked from the beginning. The story does continue from the TV show apparently,  however, having no prior knowledge of the story so far did not hamper my enjoyment of the overall narrative. I especially enjoyed the callbacks to the Egyptian horror style similar to the ‘Mummy’ movies. This series is everything the Dark Universal shared universe should have been. The Awaking is filled with Easter eggs, noods to the TV counterpart. These work very good in the story and makes the reader want to go back and rediscover the series.
Although, the story ends on a cliff hanger, this first volume, offers plenty of action and gore. From zombie armies trashing a museum exhibition to beating hearts being pulled right out of the chest of individuals. The art is wonderful, especially the dark watercolor vibe it has on each page. This is especially truth when the book takes us to Egypt for a flashback. It makes the whole book feel vintage and full of a Victorian England’s style of life.
I recommend this graphic novel to all Penny Dreadful fans but not also. I think this would be a great introduction the the universe created in the series. Even Though this feels like season 4, since it follows after the events of the TV series, it makes for a perfect read to go back and discover the backstories hinted at in the book. The collected paper back also include alternative cover art for the single issues.
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