A retro cyberpunked classic point and click adventure which will surely give you memories of Beneath a Steel Sky. Entirely hand-drawn, apart from being a great adventure, it will surely interest you from the artistic point.

The following is part of the review –

Being in development by Wormwood Studios for the past three years, the story takes us in this desolated planet where mankind have long perished leaving behind the robots to maintain the planet for mankind’s return. The story starts in the outskirts of the city, Metropol, a city of lights and power for everyone where we find the android Horatio having a peaceful and simple life where he lives by the teaching of the Book of Man illustrating the purpose of the robots on the planet. Horatio is a simple, serious and solitaire android with the only purpose to go through piles of junk and try to maintain and repair machinery and robots for when mankind returns.

For the complete article – Primordia Review by Noel Pulis

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