A new Point and Click Adventure game coming out 4th December by WadjetEye Games has been reviewed by the Video Game People. The game is interesting since it has been all hand-drawn with a Sci-Fi theme.

The following is part of the review –
Another adventure game coming from WadjetEye Games called Primordia which is set to be a success in the field. Surely a game that will have a top position in my list of great point & click adventure games. Primordia, developed by Wormwood Studios takes us in the future where the legendary man walked the planet and left the robots on this desolated planet to maintain it while the main character is waiting for the day that Man returns and formats the robots which have diverted from their given mission. The game is fantastic and with the good balance of sarcasm, jokes, great detail of drawings and the fantastic soundtrack… I can’t wait for the game to be released this December and hope it will be a rainy and dark day so I am stuck at home playing this great adventure game……

For the complete review – Primordia review by Noel Pulis[/url]

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WadjetEye Games Website

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