During a main Marvel event the Punisher was chopped to pieces. The Punisher was dead! Rick Remender revived him by bringing him back to life the Frankenstein way. Long live Franken-Castle as this is how this controversial run started! Sometimes we, die-hard comic book fans are so fond of these characters that when something like this happens, it seems like a sacrilege. If they are well written, nowadays I accept and welcome these stories because as I have learnt during years of comic collecting, change is not permanent. I really enjoyed this arc as it temporarily pitted Frank Castle in a different corner of the Marvel Universe, one rarely visited. There is also a variety of artists, among them one of my favourites for rendering monsters in bright painted art, Dan Brereton. If you want a different take on classic heroes, Rick Remender is the man! Interesting is the fact how everything gets back to its status quo, so easily.

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