The story in the game plays out like a budget version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare with motion video graphic intensive cutscenes taking place between missions and gruff commanders acting all edgy. There really isn’t much more to it than that. None of the characters are memorable because you never really get to see them. The plot is predictable is no more than a basic setup for destroying various spaceships or whatever the case may be. It’s not terrible but it certainly isn’t a strongpoint. Where do I start? The frame-rate is horrendous it will give you over 60 frames per second at one moment and go all the way down to well below 30fps in another. The backgrounds can be fairly detailed especially things like skylines and the sea, or they can be utterly disgusting and plain in another part of the very same level. The particle effects can be decent or they can be over 10 years out of date. You see my point? This game is half finished at best but I’ll save the real kicker till later in this review. The soundtrack in this game is one of it’s strong points. Some tracks are generic and overly dramatic .while others are well crafted techno infused tracks that fit the themes quite of the game well. What isn’t so good is the voice acting. With the exception of maybe one of the female voice actors it’s really very poor quality. Think of the kind of cliche’ nonsense voice acting you get in a typical call of duty game only worse. Additionally two lines of dialogue will sometimes clip over each other. Also you’ll sometimes encounter random lag in the audio on certain levels. Okay I’ve mentioned the frame-rate issues and don’t get me wrong I I know this isn’t a new problem in pc gaming. I can recall tweaking poorly optimised games for a better frame-rate nearly 15 years ago. but no matter what setup you have performance here is sometimes unplayable. But here is the real kicker, the game is so flat out broken it will crash to desktop at a certain point in the campaign. Not only that but it will also crash randomly on top of that. So even if you really wanted to beat this game you probably will literally find it impossible to do so. But let’s say all of that get’s fixed because so many people buy this game that it becomes a smash hit and the developers can afford to put in the hundreds maybe even thousands of hours needed to make it work properly. Would it all be worth it? You see in the game you control a mech called a battle frame that has a variety of attacks including chain-guns, a railgun, and various missiles. You also have defensive abilities like flares and decoys. There is even a melee weapon but the less said about how that handles the better. Sadly the missiles in the game are way too overpowered. You can just spam the hell out of them constantly and win 90% of the time. You see the game has a lock on system and most of your weapons apart from the chain guns have cool downs. So what you end up doing is locking onto your targets spamming a tonne of missiles, whilst using flares and decoys to avoid getting totally owned by your enemies missiles, keep a good distance. Rinse and repeat. You’ve now won that’s it. That’s the majority of this game.

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