Rise of the Planet of the Apes

3.5 stars

Forget which movie of the Planet of the Apes you have seen so far! This movie does not fit in the continuity of the other Planet of the Apes movies and series.

In this movie we see the story in a completely different angle. It is fresh, although lets admit it, we all know where the story is going to take us in the end. The story starts with the birth of the main character Caesar played by Andy Serkis who is now famous for his animatronic acting as King Kong and Gollum. James Franco, on whom Hollywood seems to have put its eyes on lately, plays the part of Will Rodman the young scientist who is highly motivated by his father Charles’ (John Lithgow) condition to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Caesar was born from a lab Chimpanzee who has been injected with a genetically engineered retrovirus which seems to be hereditary. This cure proves to be a genetic evolutionary step forward for all the Apes.

This movie is fun to watch and has its candid moments but at the same time it has its darkside. The Apes’ animatronics are somewhat amazing to watch but creepy at the same time, the humanlike staring for instance is one factor that depicts the Ape’s humanlike intelligence and thinking. Still the movie lacks when coming to credibility at the end of the movie when the Apes try to take over San Francisco. With a number of approximately 50 Apes on one side and just a couple of police cars and cavalry on the other side make one think “Where does the money for National Security go in the US?”. I am saying this, because unlike the other American movies where we see an army Hummer/Helicopter coming into scene with soldiers coming out of it shouting “Go Go Go!” just because a cat got stuck into a tree, in the case of this movie nothing happens and the police are literally run over by the Apes.

Overall I really enjoyed watching this movie and I really recommend it.

Fabio Agius

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