by Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Paperback, 144 pages
Published July 2nd 2013 by Image Comics (first published June 2013)
Saga, Volume 2
ISBN 1607066920
ISBN13: 9781607066927

What a thrill ride! If you have read my review of volume 1 you would know how much I loved the characters and the whole concept in general. In volume 2 nothing changes. I was swept away by the depth of the stories lines collected here. A personal favourite of mine is meeting Marko’s parents, especially his mother, since I believe she has a similar character to Alana and I found this interesting to say the least. This epic story never fails to deliver, as every page is riddled with good characterisation and art.

I have to praise Fiona’s art as it does make the difference in this story. Somehow, in a single panel, I feel the whole space of the universe and it does convey a sense of awe to the readers. Fiona’s art is well defined and the fact that nothing feels crammed is sure something I appreciated. I also think it helps in the overall setting of the story.

If you look at the plot it does not move a lot forward but what we have here is further development of our characters while meeting a few new ones. Here we get a small look at Marko’s childhood and his parents and also how Marko and Alana actually met and escaped together. One can notice that this is all building up to an epic 3rd act in the next volume as soon as Marko’s ex-fiancée meets up with The Will bounty hunter to finish his job.

There are layers upon layers of interesting concepts here, the importance of life and death to name one. Also, collected in this volume we have the infamous issue that stirred up a lot of controversy online because it depicted gay sex. When I came across the actual issue I did not notice it at first and the fact that it is so subtle I think its part of the charm of this book. The robot price sure has some issues and we learn more about him in the last issue. While he talks with the author of a romantic novel, whom he suspects will be visited by the wanted family, we learn more about what he might be experiencing..

I was very sad when I finished reading it, as I was so enjoying myself that I had no idea it was already over. The writing of Brian K. Vaughan always has the same effect whenever you read it. Be it ‘Y: The Last Man’ or this, the reader always gets to react to the events in the books. I myself uttered a big ‘No!’ when someone close to Marko dies. The only books that make me feel so much for certain characters, especially secondary ones, must really be the good stuff.

Again, I can’t recommend this Saga enough. I love the characters. I love the art. I love where the story is going. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this review and go pick it up!

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