Created and written by Mayamada

Illustrated by Pinali (A L Jones)

Edited by Lao K and Lara-Lee Green

ISBN: 9780993112133

The Mayamada Comic line is a story-based brand inspired by anime-manga, founded in London by Nigel Twumasi and Lao K. The world of Mayamada is a Fantasy Television network which hosts several shows. Serious is a TV show similar to a drama with periodic episodes focusing on a small challenge for the main characters, which collectively pushes the main story forward. I think the scope of this story would have benefited more from the monthly or weekly issues format rather than the graphic novel format. Separating it in different chapters would have made certain story elements more impactful and emotionally resonate with the reader. As it goes, the story is quite interesting and definitely has its merits. I like the underdog and start up business idea.

Serious follows the life of Blake (nicknamed Blake Serious) who lives in a poor district. When his business partner suddenly leaves for the big city he sets off to create a new start up in order to try and make it to the “Jungle”, the rich district. Along this journey he makes new friends and manages to grow as a character but also expand his business ideas to other districts. The story is an emotional rollercoaster with twists and turns, however, it stays true to the core idea of the underdog trying to make it big. The way Blake goes on about creating his business is very realistic and shows a certain real life experience when it comes to hiring people and persuading others to help him. This story can even inspire some readers on how to approach startup companies and maybe even pursue some ideas they might have.

I found the story of Serious Vol 1 very inspiring and enjoyable; however, I still believe that it would have benefited more with a periodical release approach or chapters format, ending some chapters with cliffhangers which will be resolved in the next chapter. This would have helped the pacing of the story better. Reading the whole volume in one sitting felt like a lot of things were happening very fast and in a short period of time. Having said that, I look forward for volume 2 as the story does end on a cliffhanger of sorts, leaving the reader waiting for more and curious as to the success of Blake’s business venture.

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