Sherlock Holmes: Victorian Knights (collected edition)

Published by Blue Water Comics
Writer: Ken Janssens
Art: Matthew Martin
Colors: Vladimir Popov
Letterer: Bernie Lee
Editor: Daren G. Davis

This is my first time reading a Sherlock Holmes comic. I know the character from the novels first, then from the movies and the TV series. I have to say that I really enjoyed this version of the character. In this book there are 2 main cases which are cleverly and accidentally linked to one another. Dr. Watson is the narrator and from it we learn other things about Sherlock Holmes; such as his addiction to drugs, his fascination with new inventions and his uncomfortable attitude towards the monarchy. The stories are well written and feel like proper Victorian times thrillers. The four chapters all end on cliff hangers which add to the mystery and help the story in a positive way.

About the stories one can argue that they are not suspenseful in any major way but the way in which Janssens writes them he gives them a cinematographic quality that makes them flow and entertain the reader. He also tries to add elements of superstition to the stories which are a good way to make the stories feel authentic considering how superstitious the people of the Victorian times were.

One of the things I really enjoyed was the dialogue between Holmes and Watson. These two companions are what give the reader some comedy in the middle of the mystery. I think the funniest part is when after a whole book suggesting how Holmes feels about the monarchy, both Watson and Holmes get knighted by the end of the book.

One thing that I did not really enjoy is that the cases were solved to rapidly. I know that as a character this is what Sherlock does. He already has the solution and then teases Watson with the answer until everything is revealed, but I would have appreciated it more if the cases were given a bit more mystery by letting other characters discuss other possible solutions and then Holmes correcting them to the right one. I admit that it is just a personal opinion, but that’s the only thing I can complain about.

Ken Janssens does a good job with the characters; giving them authenticity and making them feel unique. I even enjoyed the art of Matthew Martin. I am not a fan of the art style in general but it did not bother me. Visually it worked and this made for a pleasant read. I would enjoy reading more stories from this team.

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