Sherwood Texas (Free Comic Book Day Issue) Review + Boondock Saints – The Lost Gig

Sherwood Texas
Writer: Shane Berry Hill
Artist: Daniel Hillyard
Colors: Charlie Kirchoff
Cover: Andrew Robinson
Letters: Ed Duckshire
Publisher: 12-GAUGE COMICS, LLC

Hmm… I can’t stop wondering if the names of the places and characters in this comic book have anything to do with Robin Hood, the classic tale? Well, for starters, the location and title of the book is a nod to the Sherwood Forest. The main character’s name is Rob Hood and the first few lines from the opening pages do suggest a feeling of altruism. Could this be a modern interpretation of the archer who steals from the rich to give to the poor but instead set in Texas with biker gangs?

This short story sure sets the scenery right and by the end of it I was really intrigued to know what happens next. The few characters that are introduced all have a complex relationship with the main protagonist, which teases the potential of the series.

One can’t really say much about a small teaser like this, however, it got me intrigued and curious as to how things will progress which is the exact feeling such an issue should do. The art style of Daniel Hillyard really pulled me into the story and is quite good. This is a very good introduction to a comic whose genre might not be so popular or mainstream.

Boondock Saints – The Lost Gig
Story and script: Troy Duffy and J.B. Love
Art: Toby Cypress
Produced by Innfusion Studios

Another teaser for a new series coming out in 2014. This is very different in tone from the first story and also the art style might not appeal to everyone. I felt that this story was very generic in nature. First the reader gets the impression that a group of men are going to rob a drug shipment from a ship, only to discover that they actually wanted to destroy the shipment and kill everyone on board; a sort of anti-heroes/vigilantes.

Not being familiar with the Boondock Saints characters I was lost as to the purpose of all this. The characters showed no sign of remorse and also there were attempts at humor while killing people. A particular scene struck me, as they were ready to kill the boss, they recited some prayer like ritual, and then, tying the man to a huge anchor, they threw him off the ship to drown. I am not sure as to how I feel about this story in particular but I might give it the benefit of the doubt by picking up the next issues to see what this was all about. Over all, it was an entertaining read with the only drawback of not really connecting with any of the characters.

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