Silber Records Comics by Brian John Mitchell

These comics are short but meaningful. They are small, the size of a matchstick box but you can feel that the author has put a lot of his feelings into them. They all feel like short films on their own. The narratives are quite simple yet satisfying. I particularly enjoyed the Bottle Comics: Mermaid one because it has that element of nightmarish fairy-tales. However there are loads more to chose from. The art style is kind of basic and uninspiring but you do get that feeling that the author/s did their best. Also not all the comics have the same style so if you are looking for a quick comic to fill your time then these might be what you are looking for.

Check them out at They have free downloads of a bunch of comics available on that page and they sell physicals for $1.50 a piece ($2.50 international) including shipping.

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