Sinbad and the Merchant of Ages #1

Review by Ryan Scicluna


Writer: Adam Gragg

Artist: Giampiero Wallnofer

Release Date: June 1, 2016

Genre: Action/Adventure

Storm/Bluewater Publishing:

Sinbad and the merchant of ages starts of at the beginning of a new voyage, a mission of sort. Commissioned by his Sultan, Sinbad is tasked with finding and retrieving a stolen artifact that is believed to bring good fortune for his Island state. We are introduced to the crew of his ship and at the same time given some exposition as to the point of the mission. From the start you get the feeling that this will be adventure with some mishaps along the way. The characters are the usual stereotypes with the science serious type, the strong unphased guy, the warrior, who happens to be a woman in this case, a coward Jin, and the rest of the crew who are mostly hired help.

The first chapter in this saga takes them to an island inhabited by reptilian creatures whom have secluded themselves from the world of man and live a peaceful life left to their own devices. Sinbad and his team are captured, believed to be invaders and taken to the reptilian king. Suddenly a creature appears and kidnaps Sinbad’s doctor. The Reptilian King tells Sinbad and his men about this creature that lives on the other side of the island and so they prepare to set up a rescue early morning.

I really liked the art and the style for this comic. I think it will serve well to the magical element present in the story. One small complaint I had with the issue was the Jin’s dialogue boxes. The font is small and the colors make it hard to read. In most cases I ended up ignoring what it was saying in the first place.

In my honest opinion, this is a good start but hope that the story will develop into a bigger mystery than what it feels like. Currently it feels like the other average adventure of Sinbad and his crew. Issue one serves as a good introduction to both new readers who never heard of Sinbad or fans of the character.

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