Is there a place for Steve Rogers after relinquishing the role of Captain America? As Commander of the entire Avengers groups, will his further solo adventures be any good? Will Ed Brubaker”s writing and Dale Eagelsham”s detailed artwork give us a worthy story for Steve Rogers without the costume? The answer is – YES! The story has the atmosphere of a James Bond movie but this is set in the intrigue, and gadgetry of the Marvel Universe. Not only does Ed Brubaker dabbles again within the Marvel universe”s past history, but with the super soldier serum and Steve”s love life too. This is the reason for this tale which brings back an old enemy for Steve. Moreover the covers on the comics are drawn by one of my favourite comic artists, Carlos Pacheco. But what really complemented the story is the art of the figures delivered by Dale. Could this be the beginning of another regular series?


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