This is not another reboot. This is a journey through Superman”s mind as he is making the transition from Smallville to settling down in Metropolis, according to J. Michael Straczynski. This hardcover graphic novel is not set in the regular DC universe so there are some changes that are done deliberately. Superman is filled with doubts about his choice of a career and his role in the world (this might have been influenced by the Smallville TV series). A new villain is introduced and the history of the destruction of his home planet Krypton is re-written. Artist Shane Davis had the very difficult task to update this icon while maintaining his standard costume. His detailed artwork is really worth it. Clark Kent is depicted as a coming of age hero as he is not a youth anymore but still not a Superman yet. By the end of the story, Clark Kent finds all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, that is his life and these fall into place as he starts his career.


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