Most people know that Mr. Ennis rarely wrote superhero comics. The Boys is another Garth Ennis creation that might not be to everyone liking. In it we find that this is another vehicle in which he shows his dislike for costumed superheroes. In this popular series the super powered heroes are violent, sex-obsessed, pompous, selfish and untouchable beings. A group of different individuals (one of the characters is modelled after British actor Simon Pegg) are led to police the said heroes from causing further damage and endangering the public in their childish exploits. Many might say that the stories have gone too far but this is Garth Ennis poking fun at various icons of this genre. Although this is aimed at a mature audience it still needs to be taken with a pinch of salt! The pencilling and inking on most of the issues is done by fan favourite artist Darick Robertson. Thank God we have ‘The Boys’ (although one of them is a female), to protect us!


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