Review By Lara Agius

Script and art: Nemo Balkanski

Publisher: The Publishing Eye

The first thing you should know about this comic book is that it is very far from the style of the average American comic; or better yet, the traditional American comic where good and bad stand on distinctly different sides. This comic is most definitely not geared towards younger audiences from the constant reference to genitalia, bestiality and other taboo subjects. The deliverer at first glance seems to take the common setting of a dystopian backdrop which has been very popular with many comics after the 90’s era however the reaction to this setting is what sets this comic apart. Whilst there is still the struggle to break free from the dystopian world the feel is satirical and the humour comes from the ridiculous mellow drama.  The humour is dark, the dialogue witty, the story is insane but this is what blends the comic together in a well thought out structure.

The story takes place in the city that was once known as Vancouver that has been recently undertaken by film makers who have populated the town with robots. We follow our hero; the deliverer; as he goes on a journey to retrieve the woman he loves. Backed up by a transformer-esque garbage truck, a young child, an officer who is genitally well endowed, an elephant and a sex maniac the gang fights against unlikely enemies such as Cayenne of the Pearl Indians and The Watchmaker.

The art style goes very well with the storyline of the comic. The colour scheme seems to be almost soiled and the final product allows for a lot of shadow line work to peak through. Something that really kept the comic from being overcrowded was the use of soft water colour style backgrounds that kept the focus on the characters.

The comic pokes fun at our current society and the obsession most of us seem to have with reality television shows. Whilst the story itself is chaotic and over the top the dystopian future it is set in may not be that far apart from what we have. Perhaps the most brilliant thing about the comic is the complex story line it manages to fit in whilst keeping it light and fun to read. This comic keeps you turning the pages to see what is next and is thoroughly enjoyable read for those who love unusual humour. Whilst I would not recommend this comic to every reader I know, I am sure that some will find this comic to be a pearl or emm.. diamond in the rough.

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