SPOILER ALERT! This book which claims to be the first graphic novel to be released and published in Malta rips off some of your favorite childhood films and comics – but that’s part of its charm! The story was created and drawn by Fabio Agius, written by Chris Le Galle and coloured by Mark Ellul. It follows the two protagonists which are Nick and Willy the Robot as they embark on a quest to find the alleged treasure of the Golden Lizard. Along the way they end up in hilarious situations and meet a variety of wacky characters. Although quite entertaining, this books does have its faults. As a local publication the presentation is of a good quality, but some panels could have been a tad lighter. Similarly, the paneling is generally well structured but certain panels do suffer from excessive dialogue, something which could have easily been countered with more action via flashbacks. The pacing could have been better particularly towards the end which feels rather abrupt. All things considered this book is still a pleasant read and despite its shortcomings it shows enough potential which augurs well for the creators’ next project.


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