When I initially leafed through the pages of this voluminous collection, I found out that it included other artists apart from the realistic artwork from the main artist David Aja, The other various artists helped the story to get the right setting and mood for each different character and flashbacks through out the comics. Then I immersed myself in reading, which made me realize that the real forte in this collection is the story, written by the super writers” team-up of Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction. Danny Rand, the Iron Fist finds out that he is the latest incarnation of a long lineage of Iron Fists. His character and mysterious mythos of this super hero created in the 70″s are further explored, using familiar characters and introducing new ones. Although this series was cancelled, I am sure that it will not take long before we see Iron Fist popping up somewhere again. Yaaa- Haaa!!


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