Alan Moore and Kevin O”Neill are back with another episode in the life of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This time we go back in time for the beginning of the last century. This seems to be the first part of a trilogy but at first I could not comprehend where Alan Moore”s mind (to be able to understand his mind would really be a great achievement) was going with the story. I think this was really just an introduction for future stories with some familiar characters returning while introducing us to other leaguers. What I also love about this series is the artwork by Kevin O”Neill. Although his rendering of the human figure is not realistic, his artwork has always fascinated me from his “Marshall Law” days and is also rather suitable for the time period too. Since this is reads like a chapter, I hope that it will not take long for another instalment, but what worries me is the unpredictable Mr. Moore.


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