The Mind Palace

Format: One-shot (Available in digital and Print)
Black and White
Desktop Publishing and Design by Gary Chudleigh
Writer: Luke James Halsall
Artist(s) in order: Sofi Hjalmarrson, Rex Kennedy, James Cocoran, Jamie Wright.
Cover Art: Cuttlefish

Soon to be available in the UK

Luke J Halsall is a new British Comic Book creator and Novelist. His work includes “The hoodie” series, and his E-book “Survivor” which has been called an interesting and unpredictable story. Luke’s first comic book “The mind palace” is a compilation of 4 short stories, each featuring a different artist.

Quote: “This is an amazing feeling for me. To complete my first comic book feels
A tremendous achievement. Working with all of these talented people
has been a joy and I can’t wait to see what the world thinks of it.”
-Luke James Halsall

The first story in the comic “Tick Tock” is drawn by artist Sofi Hjalmarrson. This short is very interesting; it’s poetic and straight to the point. The artist tells the story with great detail, flow and beauty using a gorgeous cross-hatch art style giving this piece a dark and moody feel.

The second addition is “The defender” by artist Rex Kennedy. The story starts with a teen talking to his grandfather who is saying he sees his grandsons deceased father in the stars from time to time, that he is a space ranger called the defender but the teen reminds him that his dad died years ago in a car accident and walks away thinking of his grandfather to be mad and hallucinating. It kicks off when the boy confronts his mother about what his grandfather has been sprouting off about his dad… which I won’t spoil.

The third story “2.8” By artist James Cocoran. This is a very well written zombie story which I really enjoyed. It starts off with a couple of friends dressed up as zombies for a live action zombie game, kind of like a zombie walk. The friends decide to split up to find the starting point and plan on meeting up later. Luke spins a nice web in this story finishing with a lovely twist making the reader want more.

The last but not least, “Martian” by artist Jamie Wright. This short story is based around the time of sending the mars rover onto mars so that we can learn more about the planet. Using a live feed on their website the officials noticed something on the screen and in a hurry disconnect the feed replacing it with images from moments before to keep the public blind. Again, nice writing from Halsall and a great little twist thrown in there.

You can find Luke online at:
Or catch him on Twitter for a chat! @LJHalsall

Cuttlefish is the pen name of a small press artist from Tyneside. His work includes, Food for the dead, Giga, Trainee Space Chef and many more. You can find him online at Http://

Sofi Hjalmarrson is a Swedish artist currently residing in Scotland. She’s a striving hungry artist in love with illustration and new to the comic book genre. She hopes to go further in this medium.

Rex Kennedy is a freelance artist from Carlisle Cumbria in the UK. Kennedy studied games designs and multimedia graphics design at a BA Hons at the University of Cumbria and may also be known as Abi the Xenomorph from the cosplay community.

James Cocoran spends his time drawing 50’s looking characters and monsters. His medium of choice is the pentel brush pen.

Jamie Wright is a 22 year old artist living in Dundee. Jamie is new to the comic book scene although he is an avid reader and lover of the genre. He started his comic journey in 2010 with his on-going web comic the post-apocalyptic fantasy tale “Uncreation”
Wright can be found at:

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