Suicide Squad Vol 1: Kicked In The Teeth #1-#7
Running Series
Writer: Adam Glass
Artists: Federico Dallocchio, Clayton Henry, Ransom Getty etc.
Publisher: DC Comics The New 52
Full Color

I bought this book simply because it features Harley Quinn, but when I seen all of the changes to her character design and her personality I shone away from the book after reading one issue. Over Christmas I decided to stop judging it before given it a chance so after months and months of putting it off, I finally got around to reading it.

We are introduced to supervillains like King Shark, Deadshot, Voltaic and yo-yo who have all been recruited from prison to do the governments dirty work for them.

The story focuses on Deadshot more than the rest of the suicide squad with him being the team leader which really work’s, he’s a great character and a vicious killer but that’s all we get to see so far, he’s kept really secret.

I found the first couple of issues very slow and dull because they throw in so many different characters at first without giving you the chance to get to know most of them but then the story takes a turn and there is really nice twists thrown in, nothing too big but it’s what made the story pick up for me.

My reasons for not liking Harley at first was because they made her out to be a dumb-ass blonde that dresses like a hooker who doesn’t fit on the team but eventually after a couple of issues we get to see the true dangerous genius that she is, come to life nearer to the end.

I found the collection of art really nice having so many different artists on board, but I especially liked the heavy blacks by the inker really appealing.

There isn’t much more I can really say about it without giving the whole book away, but for all you who love action and gore with a good story it’s worth the read.
I actually quite enjoyed it nearer to the end and I will be buying the next volume but I have to dock it a few marks because they changed Harley way too much for the worst in my opinion and the first couple of issues were slow.

I give it 7/10

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