Last Year, Comic Book fans were thrilled with the success that the TV Series “The Walking Dead”, based on the comics with the same name, had with comic fans and others alike. People who like a good thriller, gore and post-apocalyptic scenery mingled together with a good dose of serious acting, suspense music and great dialogue; they are bound to like it.

Season 1 that had only 6 episodes was nominated for several awards and its premier episode was watched by 5.3 million people. Season 2 will feature 13 episodes and its premier attracted over 7 million views which won the series the tenure for another season in autumn of 2012 this time extended to 16 episodes.

Almost a month before the 3rd edition of the Malta Comic Con, fans saw the release of the novel “Rise of the Governor” in book format (Oct 2011) and it was sold out during the Malta Comic Con in the first day! The novel is the first in a planned trilogy and it recounts the events of the early days of the post-apocalyptic tragedy and how one of the most famous villains of the comic series – Philip Blake – rose to the title of “Governor”. For those who are not familiar with the comic book series and neither with the TV series, the novel can serve as a good enough starter, especially if you are not enticed in reading comics everyday. For those who watch the TV Series, we still haven”t met the “Governor” but he”ll appear at some point in Season 3.

Every villain has a back story, a reason and a cause why he became “evil” as few were born “that way” and so in this novel the readers can understand and maybe empathise with one of the most dark characters of the series around which even the “walkers” seem tame.

Whilst waiting for the 11th episode in the Walking Dead TV series called “Judge, Jury, Executioner” which will be aired on AMC on Sunday 4th March, two members of the Wicked Comics crew shared their thoughts about the franchise by answering a few questions….

(Article by Samantha Abela)

1) Have you read the comics of “The Walking Dead”? If yes, did you start reading them before the TV series premiere last year?

Samantha Abela – Not yet, but I intend to start them next Summer!

Christopher Muscat – Yes! I am a comic book addict, so I was reading the comic book series much before a TV series was even planned. With this comic series, Robert Kirkman has become one of my favourite comic writers.

2) What are your thoughts about the TV Series?

Samantha Abela – At first I thought that this series wasn”t my “type” at all. I”m not really into horror or gore but I became curious and I managed to see the first episode from beginning till end. I must admit though that the first night I had “dreams” of the walker crawling towards the bicycle! I think once you get past the first episode than you can “survive” the rest. The first episode was the hardest to “digest” especially if you”re an animal lover like myself. Every episode has me hooked and if I manage to fall asleep whilst watching any other series, the Walking Dead keeps me alert all the time. Actually at the end of every episode I end up wanting “more”.

Christopher Muscat – Apart from the fact that I love to watch the occasional horror film, I was really looking forward for it as I always thought that the comic would make a great TV series. The first season was quite good, but the weaker episodes are the ones were they visit the CDC headquarters. Even though there are some changes from the comic, the second season is heading in the right direction and it got me hooked too but after all I still prefer the comic book.

3) Like or hate the music intro?

Samantha Abela – Definitely a like though it sort of instils in me a sense of “panic”.

Christopher Muscat – It gives me a sense of eagerness for any surprise that might be coming in the episode.

4) Favourite character from the TV series and / or Comic Series?

Samantha Abela – A bit hard… at first I think I liked Shane mostly because I tend not to like the main hero and Shane always looked a bit shady. So I think my favourite characters must be Glenn or Dale. I like Glen”s “luck” and his evolution in the series from being the “asian boy” to becoming an asset in the group. I like Dale because he has insights and gut feelings that are hardly ever wrong!

Christopher Muscat – Up to now, in the TV series, it”s Rick Grimes! He is a survivor and this is the subject of this series – the struggle to survive in a world full of zombies. Without revealing much from the comic, the question is – “How much longer can he keep on going?” In the comic, the katana wielding, mysterious Michonne is in competition with Rick for favourite character.

5) The character that gets on your nerves the most….

Samantha Abela – I think it must be Lori…

Christopher Muscat – Lori too! Things might have been different if she didn”t make certain decisions and she is such a whiner. Hopefully the TV series will follow certain plots in the comic.

6) Your favourite walker?

Samantha Abela – I think I liked the walker in the well! Maybe it was his swelled belly but he looked cuddly!

Christopher Muscat – Not really! Just a feeling to stomp their head!

7) Favourite scene from the comic / TV Series?

Samantha Abela – I can speak only about the series as such, and my favourite part was when the group was attacked in the camp and Amy is bitten.

Christopher Muscat – Sophia coming out of the barn as a zombie. This was surprisingly different from the comic and that”s what made it shocking. Similar twists written by Robert Kirkman, keep the comic book series interesting. Charlie Adlard is such a great artist that I can”t decide which scene is my favourite in the comic.

8) Most awaited scene/ character?

Samantha Abela – I”m looking forward to meet Michonne as from what I read about her, she is really a badass.

Christopher Muscat – I”m looking forward to the introduction of The Governor and Michonne. As for the scene, I”m looking forward for the escape from prison (although, it will probably happen in two more seasons).

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