Issue 1 (part of a 4 issue mini series)
Full Colour
Publisher: Amigo Comics
Written by El Torres
Illustrated by Abel Garcia

The press release Boom Art Development sent us announcing this comic was enough to pique my interest, but the fact that I was already familiar with El Torres‘ writing ensured that I called dibs to review the advanced copy of the first issue in this 4 part mini series from Amigo Comics. I was barely half way through when I called my fellow Wicked Comics’ reviewer Chris Muscat urging him to give this one a shot. Yes, this is one of those comics that is so good you immediately have to tell someone else about it.

The premise of the story is simple; Jack Kurtzberg is a successful writer of a young witch romance bestseller. The fact that Jack has just learned of the death of his brother, and that he hates his bestseller aren’t helping him deal with his writer’s block. But the pressures for a sequel are coming thick and fast, which force Jack to move back to his hometown of Westwood, where unbeknown to him, his friendly neighbours are actual witches!

For a first issue The Westwood Witches works perfectly. It sets the tone of the story and introduces the main players through impressive pacing. El Torres is an intelligent writer who hooks you in immediately, entertains you and reveals just enough of the story to leave you craving for more. The Westwood Witches is an interesting mix of horror/thriller punctuated with moments of comedy. I laughed my heart out as Jack made fun of some of the lines of his bestseller Walpurgis Passion, a running gag on the likes of Twilight.

Abel Garcia’s artwork is immense; he has a great sense of panelling, which helps the story flow, while his impressive palette fits the mood of the story perfectly. The overall feel of the artwork is grimy but the colouring changes according the mood of the story. Garcia also has an impressive ability to switch smoothly from different scenes such as the gory ritualistic murder to mellowness of suburban life without loosing any consistency in his artwork. I particularly enjoyed the way he makes his characters immediately recognisable, the sexy look he gives the witches, and the thrilling way he depicts the woods.

Amigo Comics is a relatively new publisher, but if they keep publishing exciting creator based projects from the impressive roster of creators they’re working with, they’re certainly destined for big things. So make sure to keep an eye on them. Issue 1 of The Westwood Witches will be released in May but it’s available for pre-order now. I’ll certainly be ordering a copy, so any further comments are superfluous!

Digital copy forwarded by Boom Art Development

Reviewed for Wicked Comics by
Chris Le Galle

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