From what I have heard, Marvel had some difficulty to bring back Thor in the Marvel Universe but then they hired Mr. Straczynski for the job. This was a great move as he brought Thor, Asgard and most of the Asgardian gods back in a cool way. So we have the noble Thor back in his Donald Blake identity, Asgard is floating on earth and Loki is back in a woman”s body. Wow!! In his run, Michael is helped by the French penciller, Oliver Coipel, while some issues and covers are painted by German artist Marko Djurdjevic (Europeans are taking over!). These volumes are a fantastic blend of Norse mythology, the real world and real characters. The revamped costume and story, serve as an influence and inspiration to the coming Thor film. J. Michael Straczynski will surely be missed after his departure from this comic but however if you were ever curious about Thor, pick this story up before the movie comes out!


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