A very impressive successor to one of the best videogame icons, here’s the new faboulusly looking Lara Croft in her new fragile but fearsome character in this fantastic new adventure in the Tomb Raider series. Reviewed by VideoGamePeople.com and rated 9.5/10.

The following is part of the review –

So here we find the new Lara Croft, not the know it all with all powers and without fear. No, we have a Lara Croft with some personal issues with her family and roots and also a delicate creature with a vulnerable character that is never disempowered and ready for extreme danger. Still it’s impressive how they made her look so sexy and with that lovely British accent although covered in dirt and blood. Well, we all know that whenever we find ourselves into a Tomb Raider game we always talk on the looks of our lovely archaeologist, but enough on that and let’s get talking about the story behind this mysterious game.

For the complete review – Tomb Raider by Noel Pulis

Video Game People website
Developer website

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