Silber Records have a list of very interesting comics. These are short stories that although they are not mainstream, they offer well-written stories with an emotional attachment. I quite enjoyed the 2 short comics I chose at random and they surprised me by the narrative they told.

Ultimate Lost Kisses Fifteen
Story and words: Brian John Mitchell
Artwork: David Branstetter

‘Ultimate Lost Kisses Fifteen’ is the story of a woman telling her mother that she is pregnant. The story takes an unexpected dark turn when the woman starts to react to her mother’s response. This results in a realization of the damages parents do when they are resentful of their children. This story took me by surprise as I did not expect this kind of narrative in such a short comic book. The art work exploits the emotional context of the story to solicit more emotions from the reader in a clever way. Even though this is not my usual kind of story it still engaged me and entertained me.

Walrus # 2
Story & words by Brian John Mitchell
Artwork by Jared Catherine

The premise of Walrus is a funny one. After an apocalypse scenario a walrus that was an attraction at a seaworld park roams the world playing the saxophone. There are elements of comedy in the story, but overall, it is a dark one. In the short narration leading up to the climax, the reader really sympathises with the walrus and his tragedy. I later noticed that the stories I read were of the same author, Brian John Mitchell. This is maybe why I felt both stories to be emotional and well written.

I enjoyed both stories from the new releases section on the Silber Records Website. I found these short, yet inspiring, stories satisfying and I do believe that they are stories for everybody. I recommend visiting their website and supporting their work.

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