I was hesitant to buy another X-Force book again, but his was written by fan favourite Rick Remender. I had not read anything by this writer yet put was aware that he was making ripples in the comic”s scene. The titular group is lead by Wolverine and is a group of dark heroes that will take care of problems before they occur with all means necessary. Here they go after the cloned villain but still a child, Apocalypse. From all the recent X-men books this is the must have/collect as it has good characterization of the team members, dark humour, twists, shocking moments and great art. This was also a first time for me to admire the detailed art of Jerome Opena. Looking forward to buy Rick Remender”s collected run on the notorious Punisher/Frankencastle and his take on the revamped symbiotic alien but with a new host – Venom. Warning – These are anti-heroes, so some kind of violence is expected!


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