Written by: George Mann & Rob Steen

Illustrated by: Tazio Bettin & Enrica Eren Angiolini

Published by: Titan Comics

Review by: Daniel Cassar

Being a complete stranger to the WARHAMMER 40K franchise, I must admit that I did not quite understand the story and the gist of it. However, from the little reading I’ve done on these two comics, any reader may be able to deduce that the story takes place in a universe divided by three intergalactic factions (possibly more) with medieval roots fighting against each other on a post-apocalyptic world in ruins, which has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory, with the ultimate goal of reclaiming what was rightfully theirs.

In other words, these comics have a steam punk vibe – humans and aliens fighting a war set in space with an ancient past whilst utilising a high degree of technology to conquer distant planets and their foes, of course. Even the dialogue hints at such elements – the narration is similar to what one would expect from reading a primordial tome set in a fictional feudal era. By only reading these first two comics, as a reader, I got the impression that such a franchise is rich in lore. To be completely clear, I have heard of WARHAMMER 40K before in a gaming context, however I never would have thought such a franchise would branch out to novel-based medium. Although it wouldn’t strike me as my favourite genre, I must say I got quite curious after reading these two comics.

While flipping through the pages of these comics, the reader is able to appreciate the vibrant colours from the illustrations which make the comic come to life; from the harmonious bright-coloured nebulas to the exhilarating and wicked hues of flames, gunfire, explosions and anything one would expect on a fictitious battlefield. In addition, the several written sound effects of the chaos instils a reality in the reader’s mind of what it’s like to be on the frontlines with the adrenaline pumping and surging throughout a soldier’s body whilst trying to stay alive. In my opinion, this shows how engaging and influential a comic of this calibre can be.

Since artist Enrica Eren Angiolini will be visiting the Malta Comic Con on the 3rd and 4th December at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali, I am quite keen on what this talented mind has in store for us. If you are eager to find out more on the WARHAMMER 40K comics, I suggest you head to www.titan-comics.com and while you’re there, check out other comics they have to offer as well.

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