Art and Design by Alison Sampson
Script by Steve Niles
Includes Essays by Sarah Horrocks, Casey Gilly, Claire Napier, Anna Tambour
Just in time for Halloween, Winnebago Graveyard is a story shrouded in mystery. A family gets stranded in a quiet town in the middle of nowhere. Things spiral out of control very soon and the family has to fight for survival in a weird landscape. If you are a fan of gore and horror then you will love this story. The whole affair has a 1970’s hammer movie vibe, which it oddly satisfying from start to finish. Also, the entire story is surrounded in a layer of mystery since the readers are never given the full picture but only bits and pieces. Why does this town worship evil? What do the rituals mean? How come nobody has ever investigated any disappearing tourists?
The art by Alison Sampson is mesmerizing and full of color. Some panels from this book would make for amazing prints. The book also contains a few essay about the nature of horror, which I found very interesting. There are also some concept sketches and art.  Small things like that add value to the book.
Alison Sampson will be attending the Malta Comic Con 2017 so don’t forget to buy your tickets and get your copies of her books signed.
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