Issues 1 to 7

Writer: Vincent Ferrante

Pencil/Inks (Main): Scott

Colours (Main): Alzir Alves de Pontes Junior

Other Contributors: Alex Williamson, Adauto Silva, Jim Webb, Matt Westfall, Adauto Silva, Tom Ahearn, Leonardo Gonzalez and Alessandra Pisano

Covers: Frank Brunner

Publisher: Monarch Comics

Vincent Ferrante the brains behind Monarch Comics and the writer of Witch Hunter created the titular character during the 70s, so it is not surprising that Witch Hunter feels like a 70s Silver Age comic. The covers drawn by legendary artist Frank Brunner (famous for his classic work on Dr. Strange) further contribute to the classic feel of this comic. When Wicked Comics received the digital copies of Witch Hunter which Monarch Comics kindly sent us for reviewing purpose I wasn’t too keen on this project, but as soon as I started reading I got hooked to it. This comic has the charm of the 70s but without any constraints.

The story takes us back to the year of 1692 where the main character and his mother are burned alive at the stake after being found guilty of witchcraft. His soul is transferred to an amulet to be resurrected 300 years later. In this modern age, he has become a sort of supernatural, swashbuckling superhero for hire (that gets paid by favours not money), fighting demons, goblins, evil witches and other dark, evil forces.

Initially I was slightly confused by the title: “Why should a witch be hunting witches? but as the story unfolds this is aptly explained. Tag lines such as: “Witch hunts aren’t about hunting witches. They never were,” corroborates this. The Witch Hunter is hurled from one adventure to another in this non stop action action/adventure comic book. The story is peppered by violence as the titular character clashes with The Scarlet Circle; his main arch enemies. This is a corrupt cult that steals magic and uses it to promote their evil agendas, manipulates and controls society while attributing the blame to others. But the Witch Hunter proudly stands in their way. Further in the story various supporting characters are introduced to keep things flowing and keep the readers interested.


Having the covers rendered by a legendary artist is always a good way to introduce a comic. I also enjoyed the back stories. Some are meant to amuse while others shed more light on the history of certain characters. Scott, the main artist of this comic series is a perfect fit for this kind of dark ages/horror/action/adventure comic and compliments Vincent’s style of writing to achieve the perfect silver age feel. I also looked forward for the pinups at the end of some of the issues. This tale that has its origins in a bygone era flows and is easy to follow mainly through the use of clever dialogue. Although each issue has its closure, cliff-hangers are adequately used, ensuring that the reader returns for more.


Although I generally liked the art, there are some panels that are a bit sketchy and others that can do with a better perspective. Furthermore, some panels lacked accurate anatomy. In certain instances, the chosen colourings of certain shades were too bright. A tad less brightness and possibly the darkening of certain shades would have probably suited the book better. While the use of certain colours perhaps neutralizes some of the potential impact of the panel. The artwork is not intrinsically bad and such shortcomings can be perhaps attributed to various contributing artists but more consistency will surely elevate the Witch Hunter.


Despite its shortcomings, this is still a fun magical ride! And if you’re looking for a proper silver age throwback comic series the Witch Hunter certainly fits the bill. Wicked Comics invite you to join a conjured world of witches, mystery, murder, action and intrigue. Enjoy!


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