Writer: Ales Kot
Artists: Matt Taylor
Colourist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Designer: Tom Muller

Publisher: Image Comics

Hmm, Wolf #1 was an interesting first issue. I have to be honest; in the beginning I had no idea what was going on. What the story is about, and who the characters are. As the story progressed I got even more confused. However, some elements were getting clearer. This first issue feels like jumping into a series in the middle of a story. This would feel very awkward and frustrating but in Wolf, the pace of the story is reassuring, and the reader gets to indirectly learn things about the characters. This is a very strange means of story-telling which I personally think really works for Wolf. From the first issue the reader gets a crime thriller vibe, which is verified in the end by the explanation of who Wolf is: a paranormal detective.

The art style is very dynamic, and for a series that focuses on the paranormal it is quite fitting. The main attraction, however, must be the colours. The different shades reflect the moodiness of each scene perfectly. The panel structure also helps to maintain a flowing pace in the narrative.

For a first introduction in the world of Wolf I was taken back a bit as it seemed there was too much going on, but once you realize who Wolf is and meet with certain characters, you instantly take a likening towards the main character. I would like to read more of Wolf and see where everything is going to lead, along with exploring the world writer Ales Kot is trying to build. Some readers might not like this first issue due to its chaotic introduction, but I would recommend it to people who love the paranormal genre. It can be the start of something terrifyingly brilliant.

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