Written by Matthew Basile

Art by Sergio Drumond

Wolf’s Howl Part 1 is an interesting start to a werewolf story, where a new power is hunting werewolves to extinction. From the first few pages, readers are given inkling to how serious the situation is.  A mysterious new force kills a strong female werewolf and her whole pack feels her loss. As a result, they have to go on a quest to ask for help from other packs and allies, warning them that whatever is coming is also a threat for them.

This first issue of Matthew Basile and Sergio Drumond’s Wolf’s Howl introduces a lot of characters while setting up the world in a very short time. In just 28 pages, Matthew Basile has set the stage for an epic confrontation between a dark power and the characters of the story. This is all set up in the context of restoring balance to nature, with the revelation that someone unkowingly, is the key to this balance. It is very difficult to judge this issue without reading future ones, as this is clearly just an introduction with more interesting stuff to happen later on in the story. Sergio Drumond’s art is clear and crisp making Wolf’s Howl a pleasant and enjoyable read. I am looking forward to how this story will progress and eventually resolve all the questions raised in this first part.

Review by Ryan Scicluna

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