Format: Graphic Novel (Hardback) – Volume 1.
Publisher: Wizards Keep
Created by Tim Perkins

Note: The first three paragraphs are just me geeking around really. If you want to go directly to the book”s review skip them.

I strongly believe that Tim Perkins creator of the Worlds End Volume 1: Riders on the Storm is a bona fide wizard. His appearance certainly suggests so. At the very least Tim fits my profile of a contemporary wizard. Soft spoken, kind eyes, white hair and occasionally matching beard check. He doesn”t wear a cloak but he does have a penchant for eccentric clothing when it comes to comic conventions. Furthermore, his website is called Wizard”s Keep (not very subtle there) and as anyone who have had the pleasure to see him teach would attest, he simply mesmerises his audience. If you still don”t believe me all you have to do is give Tim a piece of paper and watch him swap a wand for a pencil and create something grand.

The reason I”m saying all this is that if I had to describe Worlds End in one word magic would be it. Pure and utter magic! I was also lucky enough to be among the first group of people to see the finished article outside the printers and once again the experience itself was simply magical. It was the day before the Malta Comic Con 2011 where Worlds End Volume 1 was officially launched. I remember sharing a drink at Inspirations with three of our guests which I”m lucky enough to call friends; David Lloyd, Jon Haward and Tim Perkins. Suddenly fellow organiser and great friend Fabio Agius walked in, looked directly in Tim”s eyes and said “Mr. Perkins, your books have arrived”. To this day I”m still not entirely sure if Tim actually left the room or simply teleported to the one where the books were, because I actually ran to the room but Tim was there before me. Silence braced the room as Tim nervously tried to open the big box. At that point I felt like I was in a movie where time was suspended. Tim lifted the first book and then passed one to each of us. It was an emotional moment for all of us and with everyone struggling to keep the tears inside only phonetics were coming out of our mouths. The first world I managed to actually articulate was WOW. Odds are that this is what you”ll say when you look at the graphic novel in question. Because this book truly is beautiful.

Tim should also be lauded because he did what many comic creators dream of doing but few actually manage to do. Create his own book and tell his own story. Quite frankly it also takes some guts (if your over 16 substitute guts for a similar word starting with N) to do what Tim did. Because despite the fact that Tim is a fairly established comic creator who has worked for all major publishers, swapping this to create his own company (Wizards Keep) and his books was a risky move indeed. Tim has never shied of explaining that he was able to do this because of the support he enjoyed from his friends and family. So a big thank you goes to all of them because without them we wouldn”t be able to enjoy Worlds End: Volume 1: Riders on the Storm.

Tim didn”t just create a graphic novel but in the Worlds End he created a whole universe and his tale is one of epic proportions. Volume 1: Riders on the Strom is simply the introduction of this tale in which the premise and protagonists are introduced. The peaceful world of Gaeryth (wicked name) is invaded by a horde of aquatic aliens called the Aoevill who are intent on making Gaeryth their breeding ground. Trying to thwart the Aoevill”s plans are Gweldar the Mathemagician, his familiar Geek, and two brave children called Ralf and Zephol.

This 88-page fully painted masterpiece is ideal for children but since we were all kids its appeal is not lost on those of an older variety. In fact the sense of awe and adventure really tickled my fancy and I found myself easily immersed in the story. Consequently, I”m already anxiously awaiting the release of Volume 2.

Visually this book is nothing short of impressive. To say that the scenery is beautiful would be a massive understatement. The backgrounds are lavishly majestic and all contribute to make Gaeryth an awe inspiring place. Vibrant and colourful the tantalizing beauty of each panel is simply seductive. More often than not I found myself gazing longingly on the images in front of me while reading this book and the sweet creatures that occasionally make an appearance are real treats.

My only minor gripe is that Volume 1 being an introduction to what I suspect is going to be a long but enjoyable saga the book does enough to get you hooked but like every good pilot of every great TV series you can”t help but feel that the best is yet to come.

In essence Worlds End does what any good comic book should do; entertain you and leave you wanting more. What you get here is a story delivered straight from the author to his readers and just as its creator intended. This hardcover is not only visually stunning but also comes jam-packed with a bunch of extras, including Tim”s own after-word. So buy this book and, in the proper words of Gweldar; “No Mistake!”

Yours Comically
Chris Le Galle

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