Trade Paperbacks Volumes 1-3.
Publisher: Vertigo
Written by David Lapham
Art by David Lapham
Coloured by Lee Loughridge

If you”re looking for something different then David Lapham”s Young Liars certainly fits the bill. In fact insane is the best word I can think of that describes this story. And insanity is the question the books raise here. Is Danny Noohan the main persona of the story insane? Or is the world really in serious danger of being taken over by alien spiders?

The story revolves around a group of obnoxious yet colourful characters on one hell of a violent rollercoaster journey. Every one of these characters has his own agenda, and the book cleverly never makes it clear whether the characters are simply chasing thrills or are in fact on quest to save the world.

This book is certainly not for everyone, and if you”re a conservative type of reader then I suggest you stay clear, because this book if filled with plenty off the wall moments. This is a simple storey told in a complex manner. In the end I think this works both in favour and against the book. Although the constant changing of the timeline makes this an interesting read, I personally found it somewhat disruptive. Going through the book was like a bit of a rollercoaster for me, at times I found myself completely engrossed while at others I struggled to continue reading. To be fair the bits where I struggled never lasted long cause the story never takes long to pick up momentum, but the slow patches tend to be slightly off putting.

One of the things I enjoyed most when reading the book is that every chapter suggest songs to listen to. Heck I even introduced myself to a brilliant band called Battles thanks to this book.

The artwork is pretty solid throughout although the style is not particularly a favourite of mine. But this is purely based on personal opinion and should by no means be taken as criticism. That said, I will be the first one to rave about a number of pieces found in Young Liars, and trust me drawing this book surely wasn”t an easy task.

Personally I feel that had the story been a tad less subtle and told in a slightly more linear fashion it would have been more appealing. As it is I think the book has all the ingredients to become great but simply stops short from doing so. But then again I could be lying, as with this book you never quite know, so the only way to find out if I”m lying or not is to read it and judge for yourself.

Yours comically
Chris Le Galle

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