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Watchmen Season 1 Spoiler Free Review By Matthew Azzopardi.

For fans and comic book purists the 1986 Watchmen limited series would be a seminal and go to work that opened the doors for a darker and more dystopian take on the superhero genre. Zack Snyder’s well received 2009 movie adaptation got many things right; most notably the tonality, visual aesthetics and casting but adhered to a rigid and unflinching […]

JOKER review by Raphael Borg

I was very ambivalent as to whether or not to watch Todd Phillips’ Joker (2019) at first; I was very initially apprehensive about it being made to begin with, for the simple reason that I find that giving a definite origin to the character – who is not a favorite of mine in the comics for a lot of reasons, […]

Joker review by Ashley Peschel

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